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Moon+ Reader Pro: How to sync bookmarks between devices

Have been using "Moon+ Reader Pro" happily for several years 😘.  Here, I will share with you how to set up the "Moon+ Reader Pro", so that the bookmarks can sync between devices (e.g. mobile phone, tablet etc.).

  • Note: Only "Moon+ Reader Pro" is capable of syncing bookmarks across devices.  Whereas, the free version "Moon+ Reader   Pro " does NOT.

First of all, if you are new to "Moon+ Reader", you need to understand what a Bookmark is.

What is a bookmark in Moon+ Reader?

Note that in "Moon+ Reader", a bookmark includes Note and Highlight too.
The following is an example of bookmark.  The pink color is a "Highlight".  The yellow color is an "Note".
Moon+ Reader bookmarks.

You can view all the bookmarks.  The following snapshot shows:
  • First row: A red bookmark
  • Second row: Pink highlight, followed with a Note "The five books ...".
  • 3rd row: An underline which is also classified under "bookmark".
  • 4th row: A blue highlight.
Moon+ Reader: Viewing all bookmarks of the same book.

How to set up "Moon+ Reader Pro", to sync bookmarks across all devices?

You can sync bookmarks using either "Dropbox" or "Google Drive".  For me, I use "Dropbox".  The following are the essential steps:

Step 1

Make sure that you have Dropbox app installed in your mobile device.  If you do not have it, click here go here to install the Dropbox App. (Sign up an free account too.)

Step 2

  1. In "Moon+ Reader Pro", open any book.  Tap the centre of the screen.
  2. At the top right corner, tap setting     ⋮   > Miscellaneous.
  3. Then, look for "Sync reading positions via Dropbox".  Then tap the "gear" beside it.
  4. Note: "Reading positions" actually include bookmarks.

Then select the following Dropbox setting highlighted in red.

What is the purpose of this setting?

  • It'll automatically upload the position (including bookmarks) to Dropbox whenever you switch to other app, close the screen or exit the reader.
  • It'll check if there is a new reading position (including bookmarks) in Dropbox whenever you switch back to the reader. 
To fix unknown issues which may cause sync failed, please try to uninstall/reinstall the app to let the system fix it automatically.

⭐The sync bases on the exact book filename, if you read the same book (the same filename), it'll try to sync the states.

Step 3

Do the above set up for all other devices. Once, it is all done, all the mobile devices should sync bookmarks automatically.

⭐⭐⭐From now onward, one IMPORTANT thing you must do is: While you are using the "Moon+ Reader", if it prompts you with the following dialog box, always select "OK".  This will sync the "reading position" including bookmarks.

Another important setting for Moon+ Reader Pro

What is the purpose of this set up: 

  • Download the books from Dropbox to local storage.
  • ⭐This setting is recommended by the technical support of Moon+ Reader.  One advantage (I guess) is: it allows you to read the book even if your device is not connected to Internet.

Essential steps:

  1. Go to the main panel of Moon+ Reader Pro as shown in the following snapshot.
  2. Tap  at the top left corner of the main panel. 
  3. Then select "Options" gear at the bottom left corner.

Then select "Import new books in main folder automatically" as shown in the snapshot below.

FAQ: Moon+ Reader Pro still does not sync the bookmarks after doing all the above settings.

Possible solution 1:

  • Try to uninstall/reinstall the app to let the system fix it automatically.

Possible solution 2:

  • Other app on your mobile might cause conflict with the "Moon+ Reader", Dropbox or Google Drive.  Disable this "other app" that might cause conflict with the app.

    For example, once I got a lot of problems with "Moon+ Reader".  I got it fix after I disabled "other app" which is "OneDrive".

FAQ - At the other device, I do not find the book in the recent list. 

Possible solution:

  • In "Moon+ Reader", go to "My Files".

  • Then tap the region near the right side of   .  The navigation menu will appear.
  • Navigate to [Dropbox] > apps > books.
  • Find the book you want to open.  Then tap on it to open the book.

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