Christian Wallpaper for mobile phone - cross in blue cosmic

One of my favorite wall paper on my mobile. 🕂

  • Arrange the icons so that there is a space at the centre to display the cross! 😉
  • Most mobile phone allows you to stretch the picture so that the wallpaper fill in the entire screen of your mobile phone.

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Bible, Psalm 23 peaceful stream picture

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LegoLand Malaysia Resort - summary on height, age restrictions for each ride (attraction)

Want to find out which ride your kid is allowed in the theme park and water park?

Your kids must meet minimum height and/or age. Certain rides require accompanying by an adult.
Click the following link beside the "Google Doc" and print it on A4 size paper with text enlarge for readability.
LegoLand Malaysia Resort - activities and height, age restrictions

In general, the ideal age for kids to play the rides is around 5 years old to 8 years old.

Reference: LegoLand Malaysia Resort

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LegoLand Malaysia Resort Kids Rides, Theme Park, Water Park,
Rides and height restrictions. 

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