Tuesday, August 14, 2007

这一生最美的祝福 - 好歌推荐


在线播放 这一生最美的祝福

这一生最美的祝福 - 歌词
4/4, Key=D. Chord Prog = D G A

Intro : G   I  D/F#   I  G   I  A   I
     D                       Bm
在 无 数 的 黑 夜 里      我 用 星 星 画 出 祢
     G       D/F#         Em9            A
祢 的 恩 典 如 晨 星   让 我 真 实 的 见 到 祢
   D                 Bm
在 我 的 歌 声 里 我 用 音 符 赞 美 祢
      G         D/A        D
祢 的 美 好 是 我 今 生 颂 扬 的

D Bm G A 这一生 最 美 的 祝 福 就 是 能 认 识 主 耶 稣 D Bm G A 这一生 最 美 的 祝 福 就 是 能 信 靠 主 耶 稣 D Bm Abdmin7 走 在 高 山 深 谷 祂 会 伴 我 同 行 D/A G/A D 我 知 道 这 是 最 美 的 祝 福
To go to verse, play G D/F# G D/F# Em A A To end, play D G D/F# G A D


Monday, August 13, 2007

Phua Chu Kang's Testimony

Click here to view the details of his testimony.

The star of Singapore’s longest running sitcom, PCK Pte Lte, Gurmit Singh shares with AGAPE that he does not take God or His faith lightly. In this area, he is just as quick to cry out to Christians in PCK’s most famous quote “Don’t play, play!”

The following are some passages extracted from his testimony.

Instead I was moved to tears and I felt the presence of God so strongly that the hair on my arms stood up. I accepted Christ at this rally,” said Gurmit.

After this prayer Gurmit’s mum continued to receive chemotherapy and one day after a thorough medical examination, a very perplexed doctor told Gurmit that there was no trace of any cancer cells.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

寻梦剑桥 – 第二章 A Poem for the Cambridge River - Part 2



-- 取材自徐志摩诗作:再别康桥


寻梦剑桥 – 第一章 A Poem for the Cambridge River

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点击这里 观赏幻灯片
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

学英语 (英汉对照) -考卷例子Learn English - Samples of Examination Paper

Samples of Examination Paper考卷例子

Duration: 2 hours小时

时间: 2小时

Reading Time: 10 minutes

阅读时间: 10分钟

Writing Time: 2 hours

作答时间: 2小时

Instructions : 指示:

There are 10 pages in this paper, including Appendix A.

这考卷有10 页,包括附录A。

Appendix A provides the case scenario for question 2.

附录A 提供了问题2的方案。

There are five questions in this paper; one in Section A and four in Section B. Each question carries 20 marks.

这考卷有5 题; 1题在部分A 、4题 在部分B 。每题占20 分。

Candidates have to answer all the question in Section A and any three in Section B.


Attempt all questions.


All the questions in this section are compulsory.


Compulsory 強制的

Each question carries 25 marks.

各个问题占25 分。

With the aid of a diagram, describe how to set up a local area network.

在图表的帮助下, 描述怎么建立一个地区网络。

Explain why method A is chosen.

解释/说明为什么方法A 被选择。

Explain two advantages of using this approach.


Discuss three limitations of the approach.

述论方法A 的三个局限。

Explain how these limitations can be overcome by approach B.


With the aid of appropriate diagrams, explain theory Y.

在适当的图表的帮助下, 解释/说明理论Y 。

List any four features that can be found in a multimedia database.

Briefly describe …


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Learn English 学英语 (英汉对照)

Keywords 关键词:
学英语 (英汉对照) - 考卷例子
Learn English - Samples of Examination Paper

学英语 (英汉对照)-在教室里使用的英文词汇 Learn English - Classroom Vocabulary

Time Table: (课程)时间表

Teaching Plan: 教学计划

Examination (Exam): 考试

Test: 测验

MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) 选择题

Fill in the blank: 填充

Make-up class: 补(偿)课

Remedial class: 补习课

Schedule: 时间(进度)表

Assignment/project: 作业

The class (lesson) on Monday will be cancelled. A make-up class will be arranged.


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Learn English 学英语 (英汉对照)

Keywords 关键词:
学英语 (英汉对照)-在教室里使用的英文词汇
Learn English - Classroom Vocabulary

教室里的基本英语 Learn English - Basic English in Classroom

In this lecture, we will discuss the basics of computer hardware.



I’ll (I will) show you a demo (demonstration) on how to use the software.



Later on, I’ll (I will) explain to you how to do it.



This was a past-year exam (examination) question.



This topic is important.



I will give you an overview of this project. Don’t worry about the details yet.



Let’s (Let us) have a summary of today’s lecture.



To wrap up this lecture, we have learnt the basics of computer hardware.



Previously, we discussed the basics of computer programming.

以前, 我们谈论了的基本的(计算机)程序编写。


Could you tell me why you were absent for the previous class?



More credits will be given if you can complete it within one week.



The scope of the MCQ test is lecture 1 to 5.

选择题测验的范围是讲课1 到5 。


For your information, the weightage of each assessment is as follows:

让你参考, 各个评估的分量是如下:

  • Practical Test实践测验 - 20%
  • Individual Assignment个人作业 - 20%
  • Team Assignment 小组作业 - 20%
  • Exam考试 - 40%

The passing rate for last-year test was 95%.



Only medical certificate of 3 consecutive days will be accepted as a valid reason for absence from examination.



Please refer to the seating arrangement on the notice board at Blk 31, 2nd floor.



Announcement公告 - Test - 测验

Date日期 : 19 Aug 2000

Reading time阅读时间: 9:50 am to 10 am

Writing time 作答时间: 10:00 am to 12 noon

venue 地点 : Blk 3 第3座 , exam hall 考场

You may enter the exam hall at 9:30am.

你可以在早上9点 30分进入考场。

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Learn English 学英语 (英汉对照)

Keywords 关键词:
Learn English - Basic English in Classroom

Monday, August 6, 2007

Video - Duty 视频 - 职责

Duty Flash Play the Music Video (flash): Duty
播放 视听 职责

Touching & encouraging. The music is refreshing too. TWO Thumbs Up!

Note: The other day, I was prompted to put up this video that was emailed to me more than 1 year ago. While I was wondering how to search for this video (Yup! Yahoo e-mail does give me some frustrating "e-mail search" problems)....
...A few days later, before even I "google" a christian friend of mine emailed this video to me. That's how wonderful the Lord is! Praise God!

The above video is extracted from the following web site.

English Version
"...Walking with Him" Home page
View other video


Sunday, August 5, 2007

我心切切渴慕你 - CD 专辑 - 单单只为你

你好喜欢这首赞美歌 “我心切切渴慕你”?。 想购买这首赞美歌曲的 CD 专辑 - "单单只为你"? 更想试听更多CD里的歌曲,点击这里。

Tricia 谢谢你让我知道这张专辑,这不正是这个博客的目的吗? -- 分享


如果你也听了“赞美巡徊”或他们的专辑,把你的感想也写在这里,好吗?也是为推广华文赞美歌近一份绵力。:) - If you are not familiar with Chinese input method, feel free to post your thoughts/comments in English, Singlish or whatever. :)

要支持赞美之泉,点击这里。 在讚美之泉事工服事上的錄音製作、 巡迴事奉 、辦公室及運作都需要您實際的支持與代禱。當您在金錢上支持我們時,相等於與我們一起做宣教的工作。歡迎您加入我們的行列,您的支持將使我們事工不斷成長,願神祝福您!
我心切切渴慕你 - CD 专辑 - 单单只为你 赞美之泉
好歌推荐 MP3 我心切切渴慕你 赞美诗歌 赞美敬拜