Every God-given healing miracle takes place for a purpose – whether in answer to desperate cries for restoration or to bless the lives of those in need.

Since this Year of Victory, Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) has witnessed an ever more powerful wave of healing miracles manifesting in the lives of our members and visitors starting with our April Easter Miracle Services. Week after week, heartwarming reports and sharings of how these various individuals of our family have experienced God's healing have been pouring in.

Life-Changing Healing Stories Seen and Heard...

72-year-old Mrs Annie Seah, first-time visitor to our Hokkien Service, suffered from Parkinson's disease and was wheelchair-bound for 10 years. After Ps Patrick Koh prayed for her, she was able to lift her legs and march on the spot for over 15 times – a feat which her aide Myra said she had never achieved on her own in the five years she had been caring for her. ~ Visitor and neighbour's mother of Shirley Yong (Source: Christina Chan Network)

Ah Heng, previously a Buddhist, suffers from nose cancer and is undergoing radiotherapy. The cancer has left him all skin and bone and his face is not only white but grey, and his hair is dropping. He also has eating difficulties as he cannot swallow well. At the Saturday Hokkien Miracle Service, he accepted the Lord and recited the sinner's prayer after Ps Khong for the first time. Acting in faith upon Ps Khong's words that we must believe in Jesus before we can be healed, he could eat normally again after a few days. ~ Visitor and car mechanic of Alice Ho (Source: Christina Chan Network)

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