Google Search: 64249499. And you get to this blog, and hence Faith Community Baptish Church! And a prayer request.

Praise God for using me to share His love to others!

After working hard building my blog since May 2007, I begin to see results! More and more people from various places in the world get to this blog via Search Engines, especially Google Search. (For details, click the picture "Visitor locations" on the right.)

Today, I just found that someone in Singapore do a Google search for "64249499". And, this blog turn up to be the first entry in the Google search result! Guess what 64249499 is! It is the telephone number for the following.

  • Phone-In Daily Devotions provided by Faith Community Baptist Church

The following is a snapshot of the Google Search result.

Click this to generate the Google Search: 64249499. And you will see the search result real-time too!

A Prayer Request Praise God! If you happen to read this page - by God's grace, it will be very kind of you if you can spend a little of your precious time to pray for me. My prayer requests are as follows. :)
A Prayer Request
  • Recently, I am feeling very busy and stress as I have been doing this blog, on top of my very busy work and church ministry. Please pray that the Lord will grant me the strength and wisdom to manage my time well. To excel in all the tasks I do and further share God's love to other people. Amen!

  • Pray that God will give me the Financial Freedom and hence use me to do more for the Lord.
I pray in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Note: In case you are curious why I can find out how people get to my blog. This is because there are some free software in the Internet that can do it for me. Of course, because it is free, the software only offer limited features. If you want to better analyses the traffic to the blog, you need to pay some subscription fee. If God can bless me financially, I can do more :) Ha ha, very greedy lah. Father in the heaven forgive me. :)

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Google Search: 64249499. And you get to this blog, and hence Faith Community Baptish Church! And a prayer request.
Please help. This is my prayer request.
Good Google Search Result - in the top entries.

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Janice said…
Hi SK,
I am amazed by your passion to set up this blog. Keep up your good work, and I believe more people will be blessed. However manage your time as well as what you have shared in the prayer request.

Take care.
Yoke Lan
Anonymous said…
Take care.God Bless And Hugs
Anonymous said…
Ladylike Post. This record helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot
Anonymous said…
Prayed for you. :)