Moon+ Reader for Windows 10 or Mac. Download Moon+ Reader for PC or Mac

Want to download and install Moon+ Reader on Windows PC or Mac? Unfortunately, there is NO Moon+ Reader app that can install directly on Windows or Mac.  However, there is a workaround to address this issue.  What you can do is: to install an Android Emulator on Windows or Mac.

Watch the following YouTube to find out how to run Moon+ Reader on Windows PC.
If this is what you want, read the following step-by-step instructions to set up Moon Reader on your Windows PC or Mac.

How to install Moon+ Reader on Nox Player (Windows)

As explained in the YouTube video above, there is no Moon Reader app that can install directly on Windows PC (or Mac).  The workaround is: to install the Nox Player (Android Emulator) on the Windows PC (or Mac).  Then, on top of the Nox Player, you install Moon+ Reader.

Essential Steps:

  1. Download Nox Player here and install it on Windows laptop (or Mac).  Both Windows version and Mac version are available.  It is a FREE software.
  2. Launch "Nox Player".  
  3. Install Moon+ Reader on "Nox Player".  To do it, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click on "Tool" as shown in the snapshot below. 

Screenshot: Step 1 How to install Moon Reader on Nox Player

Step 2: Locate "Play Store"

If necessary, scroll down (by click and drag) to look for "Play Store".  Once, you found it, click on it to launch it.
Screenshot: Step 2: Locate "Play Store"

Step 3: Add an Google Account

Screenshot: Step 3 How to add an Google Account on Nox Player

If this is the first time you launch the "Play Store", you will be prompted to add an Google account to sign in.  Use your existing Google account.

Note: If you are going to install the purchased version of the "Moon+ Reader Pro", make sure you use the same Google account that purchased the "Moon+ Reader pro".

Step 4: Search for "Moon+ Reader"

On the text box of "Google Play", type "Moon+ Reader".  Then click "Search".
Note: If you have purchased the "Moon+ Reader Pro", search for the pro version instead.

Screenshot: Searching for Moon+ Reader

Step 5: Install "Moon+ Reader"

Click "Install" button to install the "Moon+ Reader".
Screenshot: Install Moon Reader

Here you go.  You have successfully installed the "Moon+ Reader" on "Nox Player".  Watch the YouTube at the beginning of this article to find out how to launch and use the "Moon+ Reader".

Other installation steps (Dropbox or Google Drive)

If you are using "Dropbox" or "Google Drive" to sync the bookmarks and highlights, use the same installation steps to install the app accordingly.

I tested it with DropBox.  Everything works perfectly on the "Nox Player".

FAQ: Why do you want to use Moon+ Reader on Windows PC (or Mac)?

  1. We love to read eBook anywhere, anytime on the go.  However, reading eBook on the small screen for a long time is too tiring for the eyes. In the long term, it can deteriorate my eyesight.  There are times that we want to read eBook on big monitor (Windows) which is much more comfortable.
  2. For "serious" reading, a big monitor is a much better choice.
  3. One reason I want to use Moon+ Reader is: I want the bookmarks, highlights and notes to sync across multiple devices.  Running Moon+ Reader on Windows allows bookmarks etc to sync between my Windows PC and mobile phone.

FAQ: Is there a Moon+ Reader software that can run on Windows or Mac?

No. That's why I come out with this workaround using "Nox Player".

FAQ: Can I use other mobile phone Emulator?

Yes, theoretically, you may use other mobile phone emulator such as the following.  But, I have not tested them with Moon Reader.

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