Video - Duty 视频 - 职责

Duty Flash Play the Music Video (flash): Duty
播放 视听 职责

Touching & encouraging. The music is refreshing too. TWO Thumbs Up!

Note: The other day, I was prompted to put up this video that was emailed to me more than 1 year ago. While I was wondering how to search for this video (Yup! Yahoo e-mail does give me some frustrating "e-mail search" problems)....
...A few days later, before even I "google" a christian friend of mine emailed this video to me. That's how wonderful the Lord is! Praise God!

The above video is extracted from the following web site.

English Version
"...Walking with Him" Home page
View other video


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jenny said…
This is so lovely :-P. Thanks for the sweet sharing.
rstusa said…
how can i get the HTML code of this flash? Coz i wanna send to frens through frienster. Can u show me
Raymond Lam S K said…
How to send the HTML code of this Flash?

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), just copy the Address (URL) from the text box at IE and paste it in your email, or whatever.

The address (URL) is as follows.
rstusa said…
i mean i want to take out only this flash and post it on my blog...means, it will automatically come out when ppl surf my blog..?? ^_^
Raymond Lam S K said…
Hi rstusa,
I think it is better to discuss it via emails. Hence, please email to me ( your email account. I will then email U the HTML code etc.
Have a nice day.
Hendrietta said…
this is so nice....
Thanks for sharing......
Do you know who is the singer?
And what is the title of the song?
Do you know where can I get the lyrics??

Thank you for the answer....