Worship Music / Video: Sacrifice Sung by Bob Fitts

Gee Yean, Thank you for sharing this video with us.
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Good Friday is coming soon. Let's spend some time with our Lord, by watching the above video. Hope you like it :)

Part 1 of the Video

Genesis 22 - Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac, in Genesis 22, is a story from the Bible in which God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah.

The sacrifice itself is called an Olah in Hebrew — for the significance of sacrifices, especially in Biblical times, see the korbanot.

According to the narration, Abraham sets out to obey God's command without questioning. Some believe that God wishes to test Abraham, which indicates that he does not intend Abraham to actually sacrifice his son. Indeed, after Isaac is bound to an altar, the angel of the Lord stops Abraham at the last minute, at which point Abraham discovers a ram caught in some nearby bushes. Abraham then sacrifices the ram in Isaac's stead. While it is often imagined that Isaac was a young boy at the time of the incident, this is mostly a modern idea, with most traditional sources claiming he was an adult. According to Josephus, Isaac is twenty-five years old at the time of the sacrifice; the Talmudic sages teach that Isaac is thirty-seven, likely based on the fact that the next Biblical story is of Sarah's death at 127 (she was ninety when Isaac was born). In either case, Isaac is a fully grown man, strong enough to prevent the elderly Abraham from tying him up had he wanted to resist.In Genesis 22:14 states that it occurred at "the mount of the LORD",in 2 Chronicles 3:1; Psalm 24:3; Isaiah 2:3; Isaiah 30:29; and Zechariah 8:3, the Bible seems to identify the location of this event as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

From a non-Christian's perspective, the act of Abraham - offering Isaac as a sacrifice - is absurd and astonishing! On the other hand, as a christian, one thing I realised is:

If I am fear of God (obey & honour God), there is nothing else in the world that I am fear of.

... What would you like to choose? "Fear of God", or fear of losing material things? (e.g. fear of losing wealth, authority or job)



Part 2 of the Video

Jesus is like the lamb in the old testament that is offered to God as a sacrifice

Jesus died for our salvation and the forgiveness of our sins. He opened the gates of heaven for us. Jesus is like the lamb in the old testament that is offered to God as a sacrifice. Coincidently, there is a chinese idiom saying:


It means the lamb (scapegoat) is given away to substitute the crime ( sin) commited. I did not manage to find the origin of this very old chinese idiom. Can anyone let me know of this origin? :)

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Worship: Sacrifice sang by Bob Fitts

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