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学英语 (英汉对照) -考卷例子Learn English - Samples of Examination Paper

Samples of Examination Paper考卷例子

Duration: 2 hours小时

时间: 2小时

Reading Time: 10 minutes

阅读时间: 10分钟

Writing Time: 2 hours

作答时间: 2小时

Instructions : 指示:

There are 10 pages in this paper, including Appendix A.

这考卷有10 页,包括附录A。

Appendix A provides the case scenario for question 2.

附录A 提供了问题2的方案。

There are five questions in this paper; one in Section A and four in Section B. Each question carries 20 marks.

这考卷有5 题; 1题在部分A 、4题 在部分B 。每题占20 分。

Candidates have to answer all the question in Section A and any three in Section B.


Attempt all questions.


All the questions in this section are compulsory.


Compulsory 強制的

Each question carries 25 marks.

各个问题占25 分。

With the aid of a diagram, describe how to set up a local area network.

在图表的帮助下, 描述怎么建立一个地区网络。

Explain why method A is chosen.

解释/说明为什么方法A 被选择。

Explain two advantages of using this approach.


Discuss three limitations of the approach.

述论方法A 的三个局限。

Explain how these limitations can be overcome by approach B.


With the aid of appropriate diagrams, explain theory Y.

在适当的图表的帮助下, 解释/说明理论Y 。

List any four features that can be found in a multimedia database.

Briefly describe …


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