Music: Nocturne - Secret Garden


Song: Nocturne
Lyrics: Petter Skavlan

Now let the day
Just slip away
So the dark night
May watch over you
Though darkness lay
It will give way
When the dark night
Delivers the day

What "Secret Garden" says ...

Nocturne, written in 1992, is a simple melody inspired by traditional moods. It's possible the combination of mood and simplicity has made it so universally popular, appealing to audiences from Japan to Iceland. Yes, presenting it to an audience of four hundred million people in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 was an awesome risk for Secret Garden. Winning it meant a fantastic launch. Nocturne was the start of a special musical relationship, and represents the beginning of the Secret Garden history. We will always be grateful and inspired by the beautiful voice of Gunnhild Tvinnereim, and the famous 24 words by Petter Skavlan.

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