Saturday, May 31, 2008

Waltz & Music Appreciation - Nocturne by Secret Garden 华尔兹表演欣赏


What a beautiful Waltz! Look at how spectacular they do the spin at time=0.37 - So effortlessly done, so beautiful and romantic. The pinkish flowery background makes this particular scene simply breathtaking! I always love waltz because of their gracious movement, romantic music and glamorous costumes. :)

I like the dance and love the music even more. The music is titled "Nocturne" - performed by a music group known as "Secret Garden".

You can listen to the other music tracks from the following Album. My favorite picks are:

I was so impressed by the music and have bought 3 more other Albums by "Secret Garden". However, personally I think the best Album is still this Album.

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Julian said...

Thanks for the sharing video on the waltz dance. It's marvellous :)

Raymond Lam S K said...

Hi Julian,
Thanks for your encouragement. It is my pleasure & joy whenever someone like you express your joy & appreciation for what I am "Sharing With YOU" :)

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely video. I love the song Nocturne as well. Who is the couple in that video? There is a song titled Dark of the Moon which is also a very nice piece to waltz to but I don't know the title of the album or the musician.