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Song From A Secret Garden - by Secret Garden

What "Secret Garden" says ...

The idea of Secret Garden is one that everyone can relate to. We all have landscapes inside us, secret rooms where feelings and impressions grow as a little garden. Some talk about it, write poems or letters, paint, or even take a walk to reflect over life. We all have our own way. But what is common to us, is a strong emotional feeling that is an essential part of our nature. My way of dealing with this is through music, and everything I write comes from my secret garden. This simple piece had no other name than "Piano piece in C minor" for many years. But when the Secret Garden project evolved, I felt this piece could express the essence of my ideas--the simple melody straight from the heart, expressed through Fionnuala's soulful, vulnerable and naked violin playing.

A Father and a son in a beautiful garden

Deep inside everyone's heart, there is something we want to pursue dearly that gives meaning to our life. .. I have been seeking "happiness" for years... In the year 2002, I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Father in the heaven; And he accepted me as his child. In Him, I found the Garden of Eden that gives me the peace and joy. And I am getting happier and happier as the Lord is walking along with me all this while. Have you found your "Secret Garden"?

May God be with you.

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Hi CybeRanger,

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