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The following are some of the many popular MP3 music available in this web site. Enjoy the music online. Hope you like it!

Romantic Music: Amazing Grace
   - Instrumental, Saxophone

The most romantic "Amazing Grace" I’ve ever heard.

Amazing Grace

主啊!我到祢面前 - 词曲:唐英琦


我心切切渴慕你 - 好歌推荐

Cartoon - Jesus cross and a child
Video - Duty 视频 - 责任
Touching & encouraging. The music is refreshing too.
TWO Thumbs Up!

赞美诗歌:云上太阳 The Sun above the Clouds

亲爱主牵我手-好歌推荐 Take My Hand, Precious Lord MP3

轻轻听 - 好歌推荐 MP3 Listen Quietly

Free! 8-page concise Guitar Chords table
页精简吉他和弦表 免费下载

Video, MP3:
Waltz & Music Appreciation-Nocturne

What a friend we have in Jesus - MP3

好歌推荐:耶稣恩友 MP3

Worship Music / Video:
Sacrifice Sung by Bob Fitts

Genesis 22

Music Video: Amazing Grace - the story & John Newton

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